10Gbps new WiFi 802.11ax – The Best of WiFi.

10Gbps WiFi 802.11ax – The Best of WiFi?


Wi-Fi currently has many standards and all of them are very confusing. A new standard for Wi-Fi named 802.11ax will arrive soon which might be very interesting. So in this article we will discuss about this new Wi-Fi standard 802.11ax. we will discuss what it is, what feature it has and how it would be beneficial to us.

From the beginning since we started the use of Wi-Fi the first one was 802.11 after this there were n, m, ad etc. and many more. So there is a lot of confusion. Let us clear one thing currently we are using 802.11n. many of the devices also start using 802.11ac but the new standard of Wi-Fi 802.11ax will solve our fundamental problems. The problem is the number of devices in our houses are increasing day by day. Before 5 years on an average there were 4-5 devices which are connect to Wi-Fi in our house like our phones or laptop. But today this number has been increased to 3 times because every person today has more than 1 phone or laptop. There are smart devices which uses Wi-Fi and in near future this number will also increase in future when we will have more smart devices, smart switches, smart lights, smart ACs, smart T.V etc. so the number will definitely increase.  So we need a system which can manage all these devices without any problem. The other thing we need is extended capacity not only it handles the connected devices but the also the speed should also be very good. Apart from speed if we talk about battery life then it would be very great to have lesser battery consumption. So the new Wi-Fi 802.11ax will cover all the three issues described above. 802.11ax uses the new technique called OFDMA which is quite confusing. Its full form is Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access that means the channel we are using only for one devices. 802.11ax chops or break this channel into many sections with the help of this we can many communications in different devices at different time. We can have multiple devices communicating at same time because you have divided the channel in number of small channels. In this way we will be able to connect 30 devices at a time. We can still connect but the request is served in sequential order i.e. one by one but here in 802.11ax it will serve altogether. Apart from this we will get MUMIMO i.e. Multiple User Multiple Input Multiple Output. We have already used MIMO but here this technology will work both in download and upload so that we can work with 8 users together with the help of beam forming which is also very nice. This is also very smart system for e.g. let us suppose that we have a web cam and a T.V on which we are streaming 4k videos then the system will automatically divide the bandwidth in that manner that there are no lag issues. Here the system knows which thing require more speed so we can get optimum performance. Apart from this as we have chopped the channel and the size of data packets has been increased so we get increased throughput as compared to the ac standard and in this case it can go up to 10 Gbps.

Now talking about the battery saving this standard 802.11ax will help a lot. Currently our phone continuously communicates with the router and continuously sends and receive data packets but in 802.11ax standard will send a signal to the device that the device can get in sleep mode if it has no use for some micro seconds. Because the system knows how to communicate with other devices and in this if it sends this type of signal then your device has a chance of sleep then the battery life during Wi-Fi use will be great after the arrival of this new standard.

So the question is when this standard will arrive. Firstly, the router containing this technology will be launched at end of 2018 and we will see the devices supporting this in mid of 2019. Asus has also given a demo of its latest router which as 802.11ax and the speed we can get was up to 6Gbps. CS 20 has shown the speed of more than 10Gbps. So you can think how awesome our wifi will be in near future. The important fact is that it works on standard frequency of 2.4 GHz band and 5 GHz band so it is also backword compatible very easily. Apart from this our ac works only on 5GHz and if it will work on 2.4 GHz then you will get better range with great speed. So this was the whole story of Wi-Fi standard 802.11ax. We only think that Wi-Fi is a simple thing but actually it contains many systems and protocols. Earlier we had slower Wi-Fi with speed of 1 Mbps but now we have the standards which are faster than the previous ones. This type of system will be used in malls where there are lots of public

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