TOP 9 Most Common Smartphone Myths(2018) 🔥🔥🔥 True or False??


TOP 9 Smartphone Myths

Today we all use mobile phones. We use it very comfortably but sometimes we hear some many  myths that if you do this then this will happen to your phone. So in this article we will discuss some the common myths related to our smartphone and find there hidden truths.

  1. The first myth is related to RAM:

We all think if there will be 4gb ram or 8gb ram or more than our phone will give fast performance but this is not true. It is ok to have large ram but it does not mean an 8gb phone is better than 6Gb phone. It depends on your need that how much RAM do you need or for how much time you want to use your phone. It is good to have 8Gb ram but it does not mean it will perform better. If you have larger ram that it only means that you can open more apps in background on your phone and if if you revoke them then it will show you in their most recent state, they will not reload again. So it does not mean that having more ram is better.

  1. The second myth is related to phone’s battery:

You might have heard that if want to have a long battery life then you should have to switch off your Wi-Fi and battery when not in use. This is wrong today’s technology is that much efficient that it does not matter if the Wi-Fi is On or Off they will not affect your battery. There is just a nominal i.e. in points it might affect but is very less as compared to the headache of reminding that your wifi is On or Off. So just use them without any fear.

  1. The third myth is related to updates:

We all are very fond of latest updates. Everybody wants updates and think that they will get better performance.  There is chance that you can get better security but there is a very little chance of having better performance. If your phone is new then there are chances that you will get new features but it is not good for old phones. It happens several times that after update your phone get slow. You should be very careful while installing an update. You should also consider reviews of the people regarding the updates and that you really need that update or is ok to have the current version. It depends on you that whether you want have the latest number of smooth and stable performance.

  1. The next issue is related to tracking of phones:

The over intelligent people think that if they will enable aeroplane mode then they cannot be tracked. This is wrong. Your phone can still be tracked. Apart from this if you have removed your sim then also you can be tracked.  The phone has its own identifiers and also if you will try to switch off your phone and your phone is pre hacked(there are so many apps that shows with animation that your phone is off but actually it is on) so you can be tracked from there. So you have two options. The first is that remove your phone’s battery and the second one is that to put it In a pouch which works like faraday cage. These are special pouches which block all the radioactive waves. This means you are safe from tracking. These are the most secure two ways.

  1. The next myth is related to apps:

Many of us think that if an app is on play store then it is safe or if it is on app store then it is safe but this is not true. You might have heard that google has removed apps from play store the reason is that the app causing some problem. So there is chance that if you install an app from play store then it harms your device because there is a chance that when google removes an app it might be too late and the app might already have harmed a number of peoples. So you should be very careful while installing an app.

  1. The next issue is related to links on whats-app:

You all get thousands of messages and links on whats-app that this will change the color of whats-app or click on the link for having the latest update or new feature. Please do not click on these links. If you click on the link, then there is a chance that an app might start installing on your phone. So do not click on these links. Whats-app will never message you regarding the update or its color change or new feature. If it will release the update then will be only through p[lay store.

  1. The next myth is related to Airplane mode charging:

This is very common term that If you charge your phone on airplane mode then it will charge fastly. This is completely wrong. There is very nominal difference while charging your phone aeroplane mode or not for eg. If your phone is taking 1.2 hours to fully charge in airplane mode, then without this it will take about 1.3 hours this hardly makes any difference. So you can charge your phone without aeroplane mode and if really want to charge your phone fastly then charge it while it is switch off.

  1. The next myth is related to Whats-app and Facebook messages:

Many of us advance enough but there is a large proportion of the population which is new to whats-app and Facebook. All of us get messages in which a small child is in the hospital and is in very critical condition it is also written that please share it and Facebook or whats-app will give some amount per share and then the child will be treated. This is very humiliating that in today’s world people use this tactic to get likes and share. This completely fake. The images you see are completely fake. Facebook or Whats-app will never give any amount. So we should never share this kind of things as they are fake. You can share genuine messages in peoples are asked for help but again if it is written that Facebook will help it then it is completely.

  1. Charging from Power Bank:

The other issue related to charging is that your phone will not charge correctly if you will charge it through power bank. I mean seriously, from where this types of theories come. Many people think that power bank effects battery and if you want to charge your phone then you have to connect to power plug. This is definitely wrong. The output of the power bank is same as your adapter so it does not matter whether you charge your phone from power bank or power plug it will not affect the battery.

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