Snapdragon 850 Processor for Windows 10 Devices

Snapdragon 850 Processor for Windows 10 Devices 

Nowadays the laptop or Pc we use contains the processor which are mostly made my Intel or Amd. It does matter whether your pc is i3 or i5 or i7 they all contain processor made by the above mentioned companies. The new beginner in the race is QUALCOMM. It has launched its processor Snapdragon 850 for pc. So read this article up to the end to know about it. In this article we will talk about this processor, what would be its advantages and disadvantages if we use this processor in the laptops so let’s start.

Before starting let me first clear your myth which is obvious that our smartphone contain snapdragon 835 or 845 so we can a really nice performance in which we do lots of stuff like watching videos, playing heavy games, using camera and your phone is performing well and if put the same processor in the laptop then we think that we can do a lot of thing but it is not possible in real we can not compare the processor of your laptops with the processor of your laptop because both have different function. They are also different in terms of power so here you can not compare snapdragon 835 or 845 with i3 or i7 because i3 or i7 are far more powerful as they running a heavy OS(Windows) with high performance but we have an advantage with the mobile processer that they have a good connectivity and awesome efficiency. As you can see the small size battery of our phone which last easily for a whole day and our laptop contains big heavy batteries which might last only for 4 to 5 hours.toponwebs

So keeping in mind the above view Snapdragon begin experiments last year on snapdragon 835 which was used in some notebook and ultrabooks and the result was good. So seeing its success the snapdragon especially launched a processor which is Snapdragon 850 which will used in light notebooks for long lasting performance. It has already partner shipped with Samsung. The main thing about this processor is that it is similar to Snapdragon 845. You will get the same Kryo course which is in snapdragon 845 but their frequency has been increased which is shifted from 2.8 GHz to 2.95 GHz in the Snapdragon 850 apart from this there is a slight change in design and layout because of this you will get better efficiency and the performance that is free from overheating and load and everything will be optimized. It is also made on 10 nm technology, the main thing is that it has modem X20 on which you can get 1.2 Gbps download speed. So if we have a 4g enabled laptop in which we insert 4g sim then we will get awesome speed which is an advantage of Snapdragon 850 processor. If we talk about GPU it has the same adrino 630 but there are certain improvement in the AI later on how we will evolve in 5g in also

So in short my friend you can consider it in on those laptops which will have long battery life. The laptop will not have a high performance i.e. you cannot play heavy games like GTA 5 but it will have a stable performance on which you can work and continue your day to day task with windows 10 on it i.e. your browsing, MS word, power point, excel etc better then your mobile that is why this processor has been

Later on we will see the price of this processor, which companies will launch laptops with this processor as of now Samsung has already said yes to it. The Main advantages of this processor is battery life. Imagine a laptop will have a battery life of 20 to 25 hours in real not on pages. It is similar to Snapdragon 835 but have some extra features. It might be possible that QUALCOMM me end Intel’s low processor market. Earlier 835 was as it is used in the devices now snapdragon 845 is modified to use in desktop. Let us see in near future what type of new processor we will get. Please tell us your view about this processor.

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