Pre-5G Massive MIMO Technology-AirTel & Jio in India

 Pre-5G Massive MIMO Technology-AirTel & Jio in India

You all knew about 5G. currently we are enjoying 4G internet and here comes the 5G. You all might heard about Pre- 5G Massive MIMO Technology and if you don’t hear about it then read this article to know about it.

You might have heard of a new that there was match Mumbai’s Wankhede stadium and there Airtel deploys its Massive MIMO technology apart from this during some IPL matches in Delhi and Mumbai Jio was also using Massive MIMO technology. According to the latest news Airtel in Mumbai will deploy Pre-5G Massive MIMO technology on 7,000 sites. Before discussing about Pre-5G Massive MIMO Technology let us firs discuss what is MIMO. MOMO stands for Multiple Input Multiple Output. The concept is very simple it might sometimes happen to you that if using 4G while standing straight to a tower, the range is full and then you try to call someone it might be possible that your call may fail or if you are an indoor you may not get good network. The main problem is that the phone is showing you full signal as you are standing near a tower but the congestion is very high, the number of people using voice or data service is very high at that place so that the tower is unable to serve all the people or its capacity is full that is why sometimes your call is unable to connect or you only hear a beep sound while making a call. We cannot expect this type of problem in 5G which might come in 2019 or 2020. The number of user at that time would be far more then the current one.

So at time it would be very difficult to solve the problem of indoor range or disconnection. IOT devices will also be connected to 5G so the number might increase far beyond so we have to increase the capacity of the tower so that many users can work at a place without having problem. So comes the use of MIMO it means a way by which we can facilitate a large numbe of people at a particular area to use the voice or data facility without having any interruption. Normally on a tower we have 2 antenna or 4 antennas but in MIMO we connect a large number of antennas to tower. ZTE was the first to test it first in which they connected about 96 to 128 antennas to a single tower which result in the increase of coverage area and also more number of  user well able to use voice and data facility. The router which we use in our homes also uses the MIMO technology the main advantage is that you get a beam formation technology which means that the signal is transported in beams instead of scattering as a circle. The beams are formed depend upon which place is having more traffic because of these beams we will have a better usage of voice and data services. So we can say that MIMO the basic stone of 5G. MIMO will solve all the issues like call dropping, slow speed internet and any other issue like if we are standing near tower and we are unable to send WhatsApp messages. So after we solve these issues only then we can have optimum use of 5G. Airtel has already deployed it and many other telecom companies are planning to spread this in the whole country. MIMO was engaged in stadium because in stadium there is large number of population using voice and data services so in such a huge gathering it sometimes happen that you have full network but still you are unable to make a call or use your internet as before MIMO the capacity of the tower is full and the tower is unable to serve your request. So MIMO will solve all our issues related to voice and data services and in near future we will use these services comfortably and easily.

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