Historical Pipal Tree ( Panja Sahib)

Historical Panja Sahib (The historical Pipal tree) is situated in the main Gurudwara Campus between the main Gurudwara and the Gurudwara Sixth Patshahi.

Guru Nanak Dev ji reached this place and sat for meditation under a dry pipal tree, which becomes green due to the holy sangat of Guru Ji. The yogis were surprised to see him there as this place was quite inaccessible, especially during the winters.

The yogis using their occult powers pulled it from the earth and tried to fly it in the air to disturb the meditation of the Guru Nanak Dev Ji. When this tree comes out of the earth and its roots were sufficiently above the ground, Guru Ji put his hand (Panja) on the roots of the Pipal tree. The tree stops flying and remained in the current situation. The roots of the pipal tree above the ground can be seen even today.

After a century after the Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s visit Bhai Almast sahib came here. At this time to disturb him Yogis again burnt this tree. Bhai Almast Ji called Guru Har Gobind Sahib Ji. Guru Ji took the possession of this place again and restored it as Sikh shrine. Guru Ji sprinkled saffron on the pipal tree which came back to its full bloom.

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