Goal-Line Technology in Football? FIFA World Cup 2018

                                                                               Goal-Line Technology in Football? FIFA World Cup 2018 ⚽?

goal line technology

As football world cup 2018 has started. So let’s talk about a technology used in FIFA World Cup 2018. The technology used is Goal-Line Technology. So in this article we will discuss Goal-Line technology which is very essential technology used to detect whether there is a goal or not with precession.


The football goal is so wide that if there is a goal then it is clearly observed but what if the football is partially inserted into the goal or if the football does not reach the goal line but appeared that the goal is there. So we need a precise technology that should solve this issue that identifies that the goal has occurred or not. The technology used is call Goal-Line Technology which helps in deciding whether there is a goal or not. Many other games use such type of technology. Cricket uses such type technology called Hawk eye, Snikometer etc. and many other interesting stuff. The main thing in the game of football is that there goal only if the football crosses the goal coast line otherwise the goal is invalid. There are lots of problem related to goal. It sometimes happens that the referee is not sure about the goal and there are many replays. There is also a chance that referee declares goal and in real there is no goal. This creates a lots of misunderstanding. To solve this issue we use Goal-Line Technology. In Goal-Line Technology there are total 14 cameras. 7 for each goal coast. These all are the high speed cameras which constructs a 3D image of which tracks the position of the football like at which height the football is? What is the angle? etc. which tracks the movements of the football on the ground. The main focus is that it might happen that sometime the football is under many players. Then the football is not visible but if 3 cameras out of the 7 can find the football then the position of the football can be tracked. Sometimes the football strikes back after hitting the pole or the goal keeper catches the football in the goal line. So Goal-Line Technology solve all these issues. There is an error of 4 milli meter which very negligible so we have the result which is very precise and accurate. The referee has special watch on which it is displayed that there is a goal or no goal. The result is instant and the referee declare it instantly. As this technology is very high-tech so it is only used in some big leagues. Goal-Line technology was first used in 2014 world cup. It also has a cheaper version in which there are magnetic sensor fitted under  the goal coast line and frame and the football is also modified and is fitted with a circuit from inside. So if the football completely enters the goal coast you can easily determine it but as the football is modified so it can not be used for high end games for those we have Goal-Line Technology in which there is use of computer which determine the result and then the referee declares the result. There are also many games like tennis, cricket etc. which uses awesome technologies.

goal line technology

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