Leisure Valley

A continuum of various theme gardens to take care of the body and spirit of the city. Le Corbusier retained the eroded valley of a seasonal rivulet on the original site of the City and sculptured it into a Linear park now over 8km long .It starts from Sector 1 in the north and leaves Chandigarh at its southernn most edge in sector 53.


The Leisure valley in the city of Chandigarh is popularly known to be lungs of the city, is an ideal destination to go for a break from the busy daily life. The idea of Leisure valley was originated in the minds of Le Corbusier who developed this place for people to enjoy a dust free environment and take up a fresh air. This valley generally made up of several theme gardens. An eroded form of a valley has been transformed into beautiful Leisure valley by Le Corbusier. Currently this valley covers around 8 km right from Sector 1 in northern region to the southernmost part of Chandigarh city till Sector 53. This valley covers almost 12 different parks all through its way including Botanical Garden, Rose Garden, Hibiscus Garden, SmritiUpvan, Topiary Park, Fitness trials, Terrace Garden and Shanti Gunj. Each and every park in this valley is different from each other right from its name and carries their specialties. The first and foremost park in the Sector 1 is Rajendra Park. Le Corbusier himself designed the landscape of this beautiful park which is widespread in an area of approximately 400 acres.This park was inaugurated during the year 1954 marking the beginning of the Leisure Valley and used only for the purpose of driving, walking and horse riding. The landscape in this park delights the eyes of the viewers with the presence of evergreen foliage and round canopies trees.Following the Rajendra Park is the Bougainvillea Garden located in Sector 3. This garden was inaugurated during the year 1976 with approximate landscape of 20 acres which is sincerely dedicated to hundreds of types of bougainvillea together with some of the flowering trees in-between to deliver bright and colorful sight at the time of flowering season. According to the proverb,’A healthy mind in a healthy body’, the park also satisfies the requirements of health freakier. Followed by this is the Fitness Trials, situated in Sector 10 which acts as a perfect destination for physical activities, long walks and refreshing yoga in fresh air. Southern region of this Fitness Trials is situated the Flower Garden carrying seasonal flowers along with sculptures of popular artists. This place is perfect location to spend our leisure time and relax. The park also possesses spacious land for organizing various cultural activities. Zakir Rose Garden located in Sector 16 gives carries a complete collection of all varieties of roses. Being named after our former President Dr. ZakirHussain, this garden was inaugurated during the year 1967 under the assistance of First Chief Commissioner of Chandigarh, Late Dr. M.S. Randhawa. This garden is widespread in an area of approximately 27 acres with more than 17000 varieties of plants including 1600 species of beautiful roses. Together with roses, few of the medicinal trees including bahera, bel, harar are also present here.

The Park, Shanti Kunj is situated at Sector 16 totally dedicated to the purpose of obtaining totally noise free atmosphere in this busy city. Presence of natural stream in this garden segregates the garden into five regions based on the possession of various varieties of trees like vertical shaped trees, medicinal plants, flowering trees, shade providing trees etc…

A Hibiscus Garden is situated at Sector 36. Inaugurated during the year 1974, this amazing Hibiscus flower garden is widespread in an area of approximately 8 acres carrying 40 various types of hibiscus. Sector 36 also carries Garden of Fragrance. The Garden of Fragrance is located to south of Hibiscus garden and its ideal destination to enjoy the aroma of plants and also flowers including Jasmine, Raat Ki rani, Damask Rose and many more. Sector 23 comprises Children Traffic Park which has been designed in shape of pathways in tinyform of traffic signal lights which attracts children to enjoy their cycling process and also to learn important traffic rules. The park, SmritiUpvan in Sector 1 is a dedicated place with planted trees in loving memories of departed souls. This place was opened on November 14, 1998 in loving memory of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru by planting a sapling of banyan tree.Each and every tree in this place holds the name of departed soul. Most significant tourist spot in this valley is the Botanical Garden located at Sector 14. The garden is divided into two; the first one is widespread in an area of about 88 acres with small lily pools and amazing rock formations. The second of this Botanical Garden is located at Punjab University filled with lotus, cactus, exotic and evergreen like its uniqueness. There is also a third one, which is still under the construction process. One can also enjoy a tiny valley spread in an area of 10 acres in Sector 33 later named as Terraced Garden in the year 1979. The main attraction in this Garden iswonderful musical foundation for the visitors. In the year 1987, a Topiary Park was inaugurated in Sector 35 decorated with creepersin the form of different animals. Our visit to this popular valley will get completed only with prominent Rock Garden. The Rock Garden consists of rare collection of boulders, rocks and art works designed from urban and industrial waste materials.

The Leisure valley is definitely one among the finest attempts to deliver a golden chance to people of Chandigarh.This landscape mesmerizes peoplewith definite relaxation to both soul and body which is essential to rejuvenate themselves.


Zakir Rose Garden organizes the ‘Festival of Gardens’ every year.


The Leisure Valley is open to public both day and night to enjoy this beautiful landscape in the presence of sun and moon.

Best Time to Visit Here

The ideal time to visit valley is during January to April and August to December.

Address –

Leisure Valley, 10B, Sector 10, Chandigarh, 160011


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